A debut novel is born…

It starts with inspiration; a character, a setting, a theme. After that, pen and paper will suffice. My pen first hit the paper while I was in South Africa, a three year stint in the rainbow nation that followed a year in hot, arid Sudan. Sweeping deserts and lush green bushlands, after such stunning landscapes it wasn’t difficult to find inspiration for a whole new world. The land of Shendi was born, a land that would be the setting for my first novel.

Happy New Year!!!

I love the start of a new year, the promise of new things, feeling energised at the thought of making the most of the coming year. I don’t much go in for resolutions. I reflect back on the past twelve months and think what I can do to build on what went before; how I can improve, do better, move forward.

Reflecting on 2017 and one particular highlight springs to mind: Kate and I getting married in New York!!

The Magic of Libraries

As a kid it was a Saturday morning custom for my dad to take me and my sister to Holmfirth library. We browsed the shelves, selected a book, and took it home to devour. And there from a tender age our worlds opened up in those typed pages. Stories have always been a gift.

Full Circle?






So I was visiting my mum a few weeks ago, and showed her some photos from a friend’s Facebook account.

‘Her photos are taking up all the space on your phone,’ she said, with a note of annoyance.