Return of the Mantra

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Suni has grown up knowing she is different. She and her mother Mata make their living weaving baskets, and selling herbs they harvest secretly at night. Her father abandoned them to work in the tyrannical king’s crystal mines.

Mata follows the old ways of the Mantra, which the king has outlawed. He demands people worship him and the power of the crystals. Mata and Suni keep their beliefs to themselves.

Tragedy strikes, and with no warning, Suni is cut adrift. She sets off to find her father. Will she also find the destiny Mata wanted for her?


“With her vividly-depicted world, and compelling protagonist searching for justice and her own identity, Susie Williamson takes the reader to places which are distant, yet familiar.”
William Thirsk-Gaskill, writer and editor

“The best type of fantasy: reflecting important issues in our own society, and a cracking good read. A great debut.”
Clint Wastling, author of Tyrants Rex

“A multi-layered story. Hard truths woven into fantasies. Filled with wonder, depth of feeling, and lives astutely observed. A gem.”                                                                                          Shahidah Janjua, writer